California, Texas, New York and Florida Top the List of EHR Incentive Program Registrants

September 7, 2012 By

Not surprisingly the most highly populated states in the country are also the leaders when it comes to registering for the EHR incentive programs.  According to the July report from the CMS the top four states in total registrations for the program fall exactly in line with US population totals.  California, the most highly populated state in the country leads with over 24,000 registrations.

The top ten states in terms of program registrations through July 31st are:

  • California (24,417)
  • Texas (18,979)
  • New York (16,672)
  • Florida (15,225)
  • Pennsylvania (15,213)
  • Ohio (11,885)
  • Illinois (11,484)
  • Massachusetts (10,737)
  • Michigan (9,225)
  • North Carolina (8,341)

The only top 10 population state not included in the top 10 list of incentive program registrants is Georgia, which slots in at number 16 on the list.  The state that took their place on the list was Massachusetts, the number 14 state in terms of population.

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