ICD-10 Delay: Six Months Later, and We Still Have Questions


The latest missive from the CMS lays out a number of steps for building organizational awareness and developing a communication plan for the coming ICD-10 changes.

A communication and awareness plan ensures that all your employees and other internal departments as well as external business partners understand their roles and responsibilities for ICD-10 implementation. The CMS suggests that you think of this communications plan as a formal road map for communicating about ICD-10 throughout the transition.

They suggest that your plan should include:

  • Project purpose – Provide ICD-10 background information and clearly describe the current state of ICD-10 progress in your organization, identify goals for the communication and awareness plan, and explain the purpose and expected outcomes of the transition.  
  • Partners – Identify all parties involved in your ICD-10 transition. For internal staff, you will need to establish a process to communicate governance issues to leaders and assess staff training needs. Coordinate with external groups such as vendors, clearinghouses, and state agencies about implementation updates and changes required in your systems and business processes. 
  • Messages – Be clear and consistent about what you say, focusing on specific steps and actions that need to happen for the ICD-10 transition.
  • Issues – Outline your organization’s protocol for identifying potential implementation issues and provide a plan for correcting them.
  • Roles and responsibilities – Assign and clearly define communication roles and responsibilities to everyone involved in the transition.  
  • Timelines – Identify project milestones, secondary tasks, and deadlines. Be certain all project teams know what they will need to do. Develop back-up plans for each milestone to help you handle potential problems.
  • Communication methods  Think about how to best communicate within your organization. Emails, in-person meetings, and conference calls may all be effective, but some might work better for different staff and divisions.

An easy way to stay up to date with the CMS on the coming ICD-10 changes is to visit their ICD-10 website.

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