Computers Are Delivered to 40 doctors in the Uruguayan District of Paysandú as Part of Plan Siembra

Computers Are Delivered to 40 doctors in the Uruguayan District of Paysandú as Part of Plan Siembra
Forty doctors working in primary healthcare in Paysandú will be given computers as part of Plan Siembra (A Medical Desktop System based on the Healthcare Network), currently being implemented at the Litoral Teaching Hospital.  
In the presence of authorities from Antel, ASSE, departmental authorities, management, technical staff and representatives of the Litoral Teaching Hospital, the computers were presented in the ‘Romulo Calegari’ function room. The Siembra program will help doctors to keep up to date with all the information relevant to the health status of their patients via electronic access to their medical record. Furthermore, they will be able to monitor their evolution, coordinate studies, test results, admittances, controls and future consults. The ASSE director, Doctor Beatriz Silva, said that “These computers will be delivered to doctors at this hospital and throughout the Municipality because primary care polyclinics in Payasandú are supported by the district. We currently have 8500 registered electronic health records on our computers as part of this plan, which are available to everyone who has this program,” The usefulness of the plan depends on making every electronic health record available via ASSE, improving the quality of user care due to fact that a doctor can access their patient’s information in real time and if they so require can connect to other health bodies or sectors. At the same time, two computers containing the Aduana program were also handed over, this program’s objective being to monitor newborns and breastfeeding babies after they have been discharged from hospital until they are 2 years of age. “The general agreement for ‘Plan Siembra’ is between ASSE and Antel. The body donated the first computers for the plan, and 3G connectivity so that we can connect from almost anywhere in the country. ASSE is planning to deliver around 1500 more computers to primary care doctors throughout the area next year. Up until now, the program has been very well received by doctors. Many hours of training time have been invested, not just by doctors but the entire healthcare team, and patients have embraced it as well,” noted Silva. These programs are included in the Plan Ceibal connection processes, working together with the master controllers for the vaccination plan and other healthcare monitoring bodies. This kind of interaction is set for further expansion and development next year.

Source: El Telégrafo

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