Physician Owners More Likely To Cite Difficulty in Adopting EHRs

Physicians who have an ownership stake in their medical practice are more  likely to consider electronic health record implementation very difficult, according to a study published in the Journal of the  American Medical Informatics Association, CMIO reports.


For the study, researchers at Boston University Medical School and Boston  Medical Center surveyed 156 Massachusetts physicians who participated in a pilot  program run by the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative, a not-for-profit  organization that encourages health IT adoption. Researchers surveyed the  physicians first in 2005 — before their practices had implemented an EHR system  — and again in 2009, after their practices had completed EHR implementation.

In the study, researchers defined “physician owners” as doctors with a full  or partial ownership stake in their medical practice.

Study Findings

Among all of the surveyed physicians, researchers found that:

  • 35% reported that EHR implementation was very difficult;
  • 54% reported that EHR implementation was somewhat difficult; and
  • 12% reported that EHR implementation was not difficult.

Researchers found that 38% of physician owners considered EHR implementation  very difficult, compared with 26% of non-owners.


According to the study authors, the findings suggest that physician owners  are more likely to see challenges in EHR adoption because they bear a certain  amount of financial risk related to owning, operating and managing a medical  practice.

Researchers recommended that organizations and government agencies working to  promote health IT adoption in medical practices focus on physician owners and  the role that non-physician employees play in implementing EHRs (Gale, CMIO, 1/17).

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