LISTA Honors Hispanic Business and Technology Leaders by Jose Mas, CEO Mas Communications

The Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA) and its corresponding South Florida Technology Council hosted their Second Annual Tech Latino Workshops and Latino Leadership Luncheon last week in nearby Coconut Grove, FL. The event, which serves to empower Hispanics in information science and technology fields, was
sponsored by a number of key corporate players including AT&T and OVN Latino, among others.

The event drew participation from several high profile business executives including AT&T Florida President Marshal McAlister Criser III and Javier Polit, CIO of the Coca Cola Company. Through the 2 day expierence LISTA held LatinoHIT JumpEHR Training at the Academy of South Florida where over 50 doctors and 40 tech Students particiapted in 3 workshop LISTA also launched an new initiative to benefit seniors as technology continues to be part of our lives the iSeniors program brings ttech and cell phone training to the seniors in order for them to be able to communicate with their primary care physician and families in case of an emergency through texting.

Several key Hispanic community leaders in South Florida, including Julio Fuentes, President of the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, received The LISTA Campeones de Nuestra Comunidad Award for South Florida as well as Lambda Theata Phi Founder Augustin Garcia Lifetime Achievers Awards.
According to LISTA President Jose Marquez-Leon, this year’s award recipients embody dedication and leadership to the Hispanic community and have made significant individual contributions to the Hispanic community within the last year.

LISTA has been extremely effective in advocating for Hispanic professionals in the very important tech sector. Careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are crucial to Hispanics. And through highlighting the success of Hispanics in STEM fields, LISTA illustrates the importance of technology and technological proficiency in the Hispanic community.

Careers in Health Information Technology offer immense potential for Hispanics. The technology sector is a growing sector and is continually innovating and producing new products which improve the quality of life for Americans. Tech careers are very rewarding, and I am proud of the accomplishments of Hispanics in STEM fields. It’s my hope
that we will see future generations of Hispanics inspired to pursue careers in technology, with LISTA helping to lead this charge.

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