MacPractice Medical Applications Now Available for iPad

MacPractice, the major Apple developer of practice management and clinical software on Macs and iPhones for medical and dental offices, has launched new iPad integration solutions that are expect to allow doctors and dentists to use all MacPractice software on an iPad. MacPractice officials said the motivation behind the launch was the due to objectives to improve efficiency and quality at the point of care.

MacPractice officials said the new iPad interface solutions are designed to leverage collaborative technologies to make the total functionality of MacPractice available on an iPad, including EMR, prescriptions and e-Prescribe, scheduling and more.

The benefits officials expect from using the iPad include:

  • Anywhere, anytime access to MacPractice;
  • The option to enable multiple users to simultaneously access MacPractice on a single computer from numerous iPads, through a collaboration with Aqua Connect;
  • The ability to input patient registration by utilizing MacPractice’s web interface;
  • Access to a complete EMR questionnaire;
  • The ability to “write” eyeglass prescriptions; integration with MacPractice 20/20 allows ophthalmologists and optometrists to create eyeglass or lens prescriptions on the iPad.
  • Access to chart restorative and periodontal conditions and treatment as well as the ability to review x-rays with patients.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with requests from doctors who want to use MacPractice on an iPad,” said Mark Hollis, president of MacPractice. “The interface solutions we have tested allow doctors to use this incredible device in a patient encounter, enter the visit data into MacPractice EMR and have access to medical and dental images, prescription history, etc. literally at their fingertips at the point of care.”

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One Response to MacPractice Medical Applications Now Available for iPad

  1. Mike Serrano says:

    It is great that organizations are building applicaitons like this. One point I would like to make though is that the security in the iPad and PDA’s for heatlh information technology is still not compliant. They need to focus on this most of all. Otherwise it is just an expensive toy with serious vulnerabilities to electronic protected health information.

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